The Most Popular Web Hosting Services

What is Web Hosting Services?

Hosting is a type of web hosting services which are provided by internet hosting companies to local, international user for the purpose of individual and corporate using.

History of Web Hosting service
Web hosting services stated in 1991 with internet introduction. In the early stage, if you want to start a web you need to pay for full server space. With the passage of time, internet technology grow fast and make the world in your hands. At that time, web hosting companies take birth and provide the hosting space and domain name. The beginning age of hosting services were slow because many people don’t take interest. But know almost world familiar with the word webhosting. There are numerous hosting companies around the world working well, but millions new and old hosting providers came and run away.

Type of Web Hosting
Before going to start a website you should know the cost, features, bandwidth, space and domain registration to get your site hosted.

Free Hosting services
It is useful for small and static websites, but the negative point of free services you can not earn money because the hosting provider will use their own ads on your web pages.

Shared Hosting
This type of web hosting services include multiple users. It is good for small web sites and low cost. You have full control to monetize it.

Dedicated Webhosting Services
This is best for huge traffic sites, full control and keep maintenance at your end. You may run as much as applications, sites and private softwares. It is expensive.

Managed Dedicated
It is also good because web hosting company will help you to speed up, reduce extra usage, spam filter and provide free antivirus services.

Highly Recommended Web Hosting Companies

Hosting CompaniesCostSpaceRatingPromotion
$1.99UnlimitedExcellent$500 Free ads credit
HostGator$3.99UnlimitedExcellent$200 Free ads credit
BlueHost$3.49UnlimitedExellent$150 Free ads credit
JustHost $3.49UnlimitedExcellent$200 Free ads credit

How to choose the right Web Hosting Services

Before choosing any top web hosting company, you should consider the following things:

Plan Offer
It is depend on your demand and requirement, if you are a newbies then I would recommend the share web hosting services offered by various companies. It is flexible and easy. Are they offer free domain registration? what is bandwidth, space and monthly cost. Are web hosting company providing free antivirus scanning service in the package.

Cpanel Usability
I have tested the above mentioned web hosting services provider by creating websites, they are the best and honest hosting providers in the world as per my reviews. Their control panel use is easy and with lot of functions. They will also help you to import your existing data from other to their own server by sign up with free of cost.

Technical Support
It is key to get success in web hosting business, if the support is non cooperative even very good and cheap web hosting services will not help to grown business. The best web host will never ignore the importance of live support. If you are looking for best web hosting service then you may choose any one above mentioned with cheap hosting package, live support, low cost, free domain registration and unlimited space.